Dear skin gods, why have thou forsaken me?

i have the driest skin on earth.  no kidding.  it’s dry, even in the summer, but this winter has been particularly terrible.  I am actually thiking of using a microdermabrasion machine now. i drink more water than charlie sheen after a bender, so i’m not sure why my skin’s not better hydrated, but why is it the one product that actually helps and is not on the store shelves?  i can’t even find it online.  not even amazon… ok, so one place there does but it’s way overpriced (amazon i’m not sure what you’re doing allowing random ‘vendors’ who charge whatever they want, but cut it out!)  blasphemy!  johnson and johnson makes a baby oil that has a lavender fragrance and i love, love, love it.  i have skin as dry as the desert floor, especially in the winter.  i don’t even use it on my babies, just myself… and what a difference.  now i find myself hoarding that last bottle as i watch the level inch lower and lower to the bottom.  what the heck is going on?  bring on my baby oil!

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