What does hypocrite mean?

Hypocrite means a person that seems to have a lot of virtues/opinions and shares it with people, however, he or she does not practice those values/opinions in their own life.

Noun: -superhypocrite

Adjective: –hypocritical

Sentence Examples: –

  •         When you are a hypocrite, you seldom realize that there are people that hate you for the kinds of things that you do to them.
  •         If you think that persecution of a man will be able to truly turn him into a hypocrite, then you are wrong. He has already had that mentality in him since he was born.
  •         Jon is a hypocrite, and that is the worst quality that Jenny could find in him.
  •         It is always important for you to not be a hypocrite and try and look into this issue about your marriage to understand what seems to be wrong with it.
  •         If you think that typing hypocrite in your message to send it to your friends is going to make you any less of a hypocrite after all the things you have done, you are dead wrong.
  •         You need to enjoy the joys of life, rather than be a hypocrite and try and spell doom for everybody.

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